Kittens are available at 14 weeks of age depending on the health of the kitten.They will have been vet checked twice, vaccinated, litter trains, well handle and socialized.


All pet kittens will be desexed prior to going to their new home. I prefer to sell kittens to loving pet homes where they will be keeped  strickly indoors. All purchases will be screened prior to sale of any cats or Kittens sold by Vanitydoll Ragdolls to ensure my babies will be cared for in the best possible way.

From time to time I may have kittens of suitable type, markings and temperament which are suitable for exhibitionas a show neuter/spay or entire kittens sold to registered breeders only.

Vanitydoll Ragdolls leave for their new homes with a kitten pack that contains basic written information needed for the care of there new kitten, vaccination card and pedigree papers.



Pet Kitten price: upon application price includes microchipping, desexing, 2 vaccinations and pedigree papers. $300.00 deposit is required to secure your kitten. 

Show neuter price: Upon application . Includes micro chipping, desexing, 2 vaccinations and pedigree papers. $300.00 deposit is required to secure your kitten.

Breeding kitten Price: Upon application. Includes microchipping, 2 vaccinations and pedigree papers. $500.00 deposit is required to secure your kitten (Sold to registered breeders only)

Retirees:(ex- breeding queens): $300.00 includes microchipping, desexing, and vaccinations. $100.00 deposit is required to secure your cat.

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A Ragdoll cat/kitten brings a wealth of enjoyment to a home. When you first bring your kitten home your kitten will probably feel a little apprehensive and will be missing his/her mother and littermates. Allow him/her to explore their new surroundings without too much interference or noise. Children should be reminded that the new kitten needs lots of love and also rest therefore should not be over-handled. Any other family pets should be introduced to the new arrival slowly and under close supervision, we recommend a small period of isolation.



It is a good idea to section off a part of your house or make up a bed for your kitten. He/she will be used to cuddling up to their brothers and sisters so may cry when put to bed for the first couple of nights. Provide a bed, basket or box to curl-up in. Kittens love warmth so make sure the new bed is cozy and inviting. You can also place a hot water bottle in with him/her but care should be taken to ensure it is not too hot.

You may decide that you want your kitten to sleep in your bedroom with you. This is fine once it is older, but your kitten may find it difficult to find its way around the new house at night and can injure itself falling off the bed in the dark. It is best to start your kitten sleeping in a safe secure place until it is old enough to stay out of harm’s way.


Play time

Play time is import for bonding between you and your kitten. Environment enrichment is essential to help direct your kitten’s playful behavior to desirable objects. Your kitten needs items to chew on and play with, to ensure it is not learning to climb curtains and wrestle power cords!

We recommend a cat scratching post laced with catnip to teach your kitten from an early age where to direct their claws. Lattice balls, furry mice, and other toys like fish on string are all designed especially for the development of your kitten’s co-ordination and will provide them with hours of fun. Try rotating a variety of different types of cat toys and try different games so your kitten doesn’t get bored.


House training

Your kitten will arrive to you litter trained. They learn this behavior from watching their mothers and so tend to pick it up very quickly with other cats around.

There are certain signs you should watch out for that will alert you when your kitten needs to toilet. These include:

* Vocalization.

* A sudden panicked reaction or fussing behavior.

* Digging in bedding or on paper

There are also times when you should ensure you place your kitten into its litter tray and praise it whilst encouraging it to dig, to prevent accidents.

*First thing in the morning.

*After every sleep.

*After being left alone for a period of time.

*After every meal.

*Last thing before you put your kitten to bed.


Of course accidents will happen! If you catch your kitten in the act you should immediately place him/her into the litter tray and praise them.



Your kitten should be fed on a balanced diet especially formulated to suit its stage of life. We recommend a premium brand kitten biscuit such as Royal Canin Kitten, as they are made from high quality ingredients and provide all the nourishment a kitten needs. All our kitten have been bought up on raw meat, we recommend retaining this diet, however if you wish to change your kittens diet, changes should be made gradually as sudden changes can cause diarrhea and other problems. change your


Desexing/ microchipping

Your Kitten will come to you already desexed and Microchipped. This involves day surgery under general antithesis, the procedure itself involves removal of the ovaries and uterus for females and the testicles in males. Microchipping is a permanent form of identification in a form of a tiny chip which is implanted under the skin. This chip contains details for Registration.



To safeguard you kitten against potentially serious and sometimes fatal disease we have vaccinated you kitten.

Your kitten will have received two vaccinations:

*8 weeks First Vaccination

*12 weeks Second Vaccination

*a 16 week vaccine may is required to maintain immunity, all adult cats require an annual vaccination booster for life.


Worming/flea and heartworm control

Your kitten has been treated for flea’s and worms on a regular basis, we recommend using Confortis or advocate. Your Kitten will require treatment every month till they are 6 months of age, then every 3 months for effective protection.