Welcome to the Dollhouse,

meet Vanitydoll's Queens

Furrballz Diamond Isidora
Seal Bicolour

Efficiently known as Busy Issie at home, this exquisite beauty is nonstop purrs, cuddle's and a buddle of fun.

Seal bicolour carring blue

HCM Negative and PKD Negative


Champiom Jipsiglenn Maegen
AKA Ariah
Blue point

This Angelic beauty with her sweet, delicate features and bright blue peepers is from 100% traditional lines. Known as Ariah at home, this young lady is First Queen for Vanitydoll ragdolls.

HCM Negative and PKD Negative

Grand Champion Amjance Calypso Gold
Chocolate Tortie

This divine young lady know as Cali to her friends is co owned by Vanitydoll & Mysticrose Ragdolls (Bellamour Ragdolls) With her captivating personality and docile nature Bellmour Ragdolls hopes for some truly amazing babies from this Queen.

Chocolate tortie carrying chocolate.

HCM Negative and PKD Negative

Kiyomi Izabelle Sunday
Seal Mitted
Izabelle is the baby of the family. This Young Beauty with her exquisite boning, temperament  and Importered lines, makes the perfect addition to The vanitydoll family.
Seal Mitted carrying chocolate & blue
HCM Negative and PKD Negative
Vanitydoll Leather & Lace
aka Lacey
Lilac Mitted
Lacey is the first Home Breed girl to join the family, this young girl has strong boning and bunny soft coat, she's sure to produce some stunning babies
HCM Negative and PKD Negative