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Kittens are available at 14 weeks of age depending on the health of the kitten. They will have been vet checked twice, vaccinated, litter trains, well handle and socialized.

All pet kittens will be desexed prior to going to their new home. I prefer to sell kittens to loving pet homes where they will be keeped  strickly indoors. All purchases will be screened prior to sale of any cats or Kittens sold by Vanitydoll Ragdolls to ensure my babies will be cared for in the best possible way.

From time to time I may have kittens of suitable type, markings and temperament which are suitable for exhibitions as a show neuter/spay or entire kittens sold to registered breeders only.

Vanitydoll Ragdolls leave for their new homes with a kitten pack that contains basic written information needed for the care of there new kitten, vaccination card, Two year genectic health guarantee and pedigree papers for GCCFV.

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At Vanitydoll Ragdolls we are passionate about our cats. We love helping people find the perfect kitten.

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