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"Welcome to the Dollhouse"

Meet our handsome males.

PL * Ywern Maskotka (imp pl)

Ywern is my first imported male, And boy is he Handsome and a real ladies man. With His outstanding type I'm expecting big things from this heart breaker. 
Blue bicolour
HCM Negative and PKD Negative

ywern blue bicolour ragdoll
Ryken blue bicolour ragdoll

Vanitydoll My Oh My

From the minute (Ryken) was born, I was completely captivated by him. Ryken is my Home breed boy, Son of Ywern & O'lala. This Young man stole my heart as a kitten and with his devilish good looks i could bare to part with him. Ryken will be Gracing the show bench in 2022 and all ready showing lots of potential.
Blue bicolour carrying chocolate
HCM Negative and PKD Negative

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