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Finding The Right Breeder

Do Your Research

Get information from veterinarians, cat societies, and professional websites so you can create a list of breeders who offer the breed you’re searching for. Once you have your short list, you’ll need to do further research to cross off any breeders that don’t seem ethical, reputable, and responsible. Use the power of the Internet to read reviews and gain insight into their reputations.

Be Certain the Cat Breeder is Registered

Purchasing a cat from a registered breeder will increase the odds that you’re getting a healthy kitten who has been socialized and is comfortable around people and possibly other pets as well. A registered breeder will also guarantee that the kitten has a pure bloodline, which reduces the risk of the cat inheriting medical conditions.

Visit the Breeder in Person

Visit the facility or home in person to see for yourself how the animals are kept and how they’re treated. All of the cats should be kept in comfortable, clean, and safe environments with plenty of enrichment and a lot of attention from their human caretakers. They should be well fed, healthy, and warm, and there shouldn’t be any signs of neglect, overbreeding, or abuse.

Ask the Right Questions

During your visit, you should also ask the breeder plenty of questions. A honest breeder will be upfront about the potential issues with a particular breed, but you should go into the interview process with enough knowledge about the breed to know what needs to be discussed. Asking a lot of questions shouldn’t annoy the cat breeder. You should also pay attention to the breeder’s demeanour to determine if s/he is withholding information.

A great breeder will even ask you questions to interview you and ensure you have what it takes to be a great cat mom or dad, especially for the breed you’re interested in, as many purebreds have specific personality traits and needs.

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